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Cordyceps Militaris (Also known as Kidajadi & Yarsagumba) is the most popular medicinal mushroom that has been used by herbal medicinal world from centuries. It contains Adenosine, Cordycepin, Dietary fibers, Vitamins, Polysaccharides, Antioxidants, Amino Acids, and so many nutrients required for healthy life. Cordyceps Militaris is also known as natural dietary supplement to improve the immune system and boost energy level. It is a natural stress reliever and increase vitality and endurance. Cordyceps Militaris is also called as Super food.

Made from 100% pure fruit bodies of Cordyceps Militaris mushrooms.

Free of any starch, gluten, mycelium and grain fillers, etc.

Each gram contains more than 1% Cordycepin and 25% beta-glucans.

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Why Cordyceps?

Cordyceps Militaris is a fungus with a long history of widespread use in folk medicine, and its medicinal functions are well studied with crucial effects on immunomodulation. Anyone (age 18 and above) can consume Cordyceps Militaris and depending on different body types, it has shown extraordinary effects in increasing immunity, treating cancer, diabetes, etc.

Vital Energy

Helps you control stress, manage sound sleep, and provide you with natural energy, fitness, and recovery.

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Overall Well-being

Cordyceps gave mental clarity, Helping manage everyday stress, acts as botanical adaptogens.

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Various medicinal properties such as Anti-aging, fighting tumors, preventing heart diseases, Male Sexual Health.

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The Scientist - Dr. Vipin Permar is one of the pioneers of this society. He served as a Research Scientist for more than half a decade.Leaving his job, he moved to his hometown- Saharanpur with a dream of producing superior quality organic products by implementing his research and experience in the field. He has been working directly with Farmers, teaching them the importance of highly nutritious products and advanced agriculture technologies while expanding his business in various directions such as Fisheries, Poultry, etc.

The Engineer - Abhinav Pundir, a Computer Science Engineer with marketing experience from various Startups is the creative mind behind setting up the business/marketing strategies and brand awareness for Orange Miracle. Before starting Orange Miracle with Dr. Vipin, he worked with a Payroll MNC for a couple of years in Noida earning various recognitions from the organization.

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